Porsche 1600 S short block engine with components for sale

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356 A/B 1600 S Short Block
fit 1955 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 60 - 61 - 62

block .20 over cranckshaft alignment - new main bearings

Crankshaft restored 20/20 - s camshaft - connecting rods new bushings and squarred - liner and Mahle pistons - all weighted and balanced - rebuilt distributor - shroud - oil cooler install and base re-inforced or repaired - oil filter - generator all installed

block is chemical clean -

high volume oil pump 36mm with gear for tach. - 6 volts rebuilt generator - 180mm flywheel

original oil filter - 6 volts coil - head and valve cover are install but just for the shipping - no rocker

for the Number you can put your own - block is market 616/2

cost to day is $ 6,650.- - NO CORE CHARGE

enginePorsche 356 case inside porsche block inside block

crankshaft flywheel shroud front cover parts

The engine is 99 % original and in process to be assembled

All parts are rebuilt - repaired or reman
if you like to buy we will send you en payable invoice - click on INVOICE

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