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All New rebuilt 1954 / 55 - 356 A 1600 engine

those parts below will be with that engine - and sheet metal all powder painted in 40% shine or semi-gloss

restored crankshaft - new camshaft - liner and pistons - all weighed and balanced - distributor with new cap

block is treated - head work done, valves and guides + springs

high volume oil pump with gear for tach. - 6 volts rebuilt generator with regulator - 180mm clutch assembly

original oil filter - original 6 volts coil - heather box and J-pipe - with a Dansk new muffler - come with 32 Solex and mesh filter

Number 66173 - ready for an Speedster

cost to day for all $ 11,500.- NO CORE CHARGE


case crankshaft cylinder porsche head porsche rods

The engine is 99 % to the original. All parts are rebuilt - repaired or reman

if you like to buy we will send you en payable invoice by clicking on INVOICE

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