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Buyer 1 from 1954
first edition
$ 15.--
Buyer 2 second edition ferrari
$ 15.--
Buyer 3 from Muira spyder to all lambo
$ 15.--
Buyer 4 how to buy a Lotus lotus
$ 15.--
Buyer5 first edition maserati
$ 15.--
Buyer 6 swecond edition maserati
$ 15.--
Buyer7 first edition
lee Gohlike
$ 15.--
Buyer 8 second edition
Frank Barrett
$ 15.--
Buyer 9 second edition
from porsche #1 to 924 1980
$ 15.--
Buyer 10 vespa - Cushman - Lambretta and .... vespa
$ 15.--

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