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Engines in Pictures and prices


1967 / 1973 Fiat 500cc / 595cc /650cc / 700cc

$ 5,400.-


Kawasaki KZ 1300 1981 all rebuilt
with a 2 DCO Weber carburetor set-up

for more info email. please

used for a project

porsche 356 case

1954 to 1963 Porsche 356 engine blocks
and 5 complete blank cases
normal or super

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pricing about all engines

Porsche 356 pre-A
2 pcs. case - rebuilt - no number Porsche 546 motor

will come with balance reg. crank
new connecting rods
new sleeves
80mm pistons and more

PRE-A 3 pcs. available
ready to install to see click here
porsche pre a
Speedster or A motor
ready to install engine complete

Porsche 356 1600 sc
long block -- blank case

all parts restored and in progress


do not forgot to put the parts number
if you like to buy we will send you en payable invoice
by clicking on the "D"""

Porsche 356B 1600

clean - ask details

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