Porsche 356 - 912 front cover or 3th. piece repair kit

Roland Ducommun
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Porsche 356 - 912 front cover refurbishing or repair
If you are going to do it, then do it right.


Porsche 356 front cover

Finish product

front cover done

done with spark machining or if you want electronically using electrical discharges (sparks)
The material is removed from the front cover by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges.

Cost $ 720.-

the cover will be back with a bloc to punch safely your number
punching bloc punching bloc
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turn around 1-2 weeks max - send to :
Roland Ducommun
843 Peary Ln
Foster City CA 94404 USA

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welded cover
always porosity after welding
correct job
correct job before radius machining

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If you need stamps for your new number

Serial numbers are used to distinguish items from others of a similar appearance.
In most instances, they are simply a sequential number, which describes how many units in a particular production sequence have been produced. In some cases, they are encoded to carry information about the product, such as date of manufacture, model type, etc.
Not the case in Porsche engines.

The reasons for the removal are varied, and include:
- the perpetration of fraud, such as portraying an item to be of a different value when making an insurance claim.
- to hide the origin of items
- to replace a parts
- to prevent positive identification of stolen property.

It is not illegal to restamp numbers for a block or parts that will be placed into a vehicle with the corresponding VIN or engine numbers of that vehicle.(actually in some circumstances in some localities it can be illegal.)
What is illegal or should be illegal is to tell the next buyer that the motor can be original to the car if it isn't.