Maserati 3500 gt, vignale, Maserati parts for sale

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Maserati 3500 Gt parts pictures and prices

maserati_3500_ignition tube Maserati_3500_camshafts Maserati_3500_rear springs
Maserati 3500 ignition tube - chrome plated
parts#216 - $ 380.-

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Maserati 3500 camshaft recondition sets
admission camshaft - 35mm lobe - # ASP48377

journals are 30mm

exhaust camshaft 34mm (the one with the thread at the end


Maserati 3500 rear springs set
  maserati camshaft cap  

Maserati 3500 camshaft cap sets of 8 pcs.

california plate

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