Mercedes, 250 sl, 230 sl, 280SL, Mercedes parts for sale cylinder head

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Steel Stamps tool

OBD I code reader

Mercedes Benz use and rare parts and prices

solex 44phh carburetor>

Solex Carburator for 190 SL

parts #Mercedes217
$ 1750.- each

Fuel Pressure sensor

parts #Mercedes-218 - $OLD

Distributor 280Sl

parts #Mercedes-219 - $OLD



solex 44phh carb

44PHH core - very nice condition
parts #Mercedes-220 - $ SOLD

280sL back seats vents grill

parts #Mercedes-221 - $ SOLD

parts #Mercedes-222



window and chanel adjustment block

parts #Mercedes-223


Mercedes use Cylinder head - but still good

casting Number 130 016 26 01
parts #Mercedes-224

window_felt_seal holder

parts #Mercedes-225



220 - 250 cylinder head with valves

parts #Mercedes-226


mercedes star

front grill star

parts #mercedes-227
$ 10.-

280 Sl emblem

parts #Mercedes-228


washer_bag_holder_ bracket

parts #mercedes-229

280 emblem available 

parts #Mercedes-230 - $

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