hermetic car cover and other make waterproof - - large car also



Fully unfold the EVP in front of the vehicle you want to protect.
Please be sure that the vehicle has cooled down and that the engine is not running.
A heated vehicle can ruin the EVP
drive the vehicule in
and go out of the car and out the EVP and zip, that's It'

the cover

cover2 cover3 cover4
108" x 132"
2.74m x 3.35m
For your ATV, motorcycle, scooter, personal watercraft and portable machinery cost with shipping include in USA
$ 00
124" x 264"
3.15m x 6.7m
For Small Sports Cars (Miata scale), Small Classic Cars & Smart Cars. cost with shipping include in USA
$ 200
one left only
144" x 288"
3.65m x 7.3m
For sedans (Crown Vic Scale), Hatchbacks & Standard Size Sports Cars. Also a great size for furniture storage. cost with shipping include in USA
$ 000
180" x 288"
4.5m x 7.3m
For Mid Size SUVs, Mini Vans & Sports Wagons cost with shipping include in USA
$ 000

Includes Sedans (Crown Vic Scale), Hatchbacks & Standard Size Sports Cars.
INSTALLS EASILY IN UNDER 10 MINUTES - We’ve designed it for ease of use and can be quickly set up in under 10 minutes with 2 people.
The EVP is the only low cost emergency device available on the market to protect cars, trucks & SUVs against rising tide conditions in high risk flood zone areas.
We offer an easy solution to increase the chances of your vehicle surviving catastrophic flood conditions for 24 to 36 inches of rising tide waters.
Our high density material is tear and puncture resistant to help prevent failure under the approved conditions it is intended for.

REUSABLE & RECYCLABLE - the EVP is made of 100% recyclable plastics.
The bag can be used multiple times for storage.

EVP offers a 30 day limited warranty on all EVP products.

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