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OBD code reader

Gasoline fuel injection pumps

Mechanic Injection also available


regular 6 Volts fuel pump

Car type

Audi or VW

fuel injection

out of stock

gasoline or diesel

injection pumps
  230 - 250 - 280 SE - 280SL
rebuilt with injectors calibrations
plus a core charge of :
we like to receive your old pump before to make sure
It will be repairable
3 weeks delivery time max
plus shipping average US $ 75.-

To send your unit to rebuilt, send to :

843 peary lane
Foster City CA 94404
6 Volts fuel pumps
6 volts rotary vane fuel pump
5 unit left

A complete Kit for Old cars
easy to install
Your Cost
Quantity :
electric fuel pump

For Gasoline electric fuel pump
by car manufacturer

click here

Average cost is

$ 180.--

and they will be rebuilt


fuel injector

For Gasoline electronic injectors
by car manufacturer

click here


$ 53 to 65.--


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