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You like to know why? please read below and then you will understand our frustration

In brief :It is always the same story, one day and you will be in the same situation like us
we had a ebay store for years and one day someone purchase an Porsche (16300.-)engine from us, but we did not accepted the deal and payment, it was looking fishy! so we refunded the buyer, ebay accepted the refund and the return,but PayPal kept fees of $719.-
2 months after they send us a check for 15454.52 ( that was a mistake for some moron in they're office, an other one)and here our account with PayPal was at $00,00 balance
So my question was ? Why that check? dint ask further, cashed and wait.
3 weeks after suddenly my account was at minus 16,300.- and in a negative balance.
we try send some email but response : you have a negative balance how do you want to pay!!!, we try 4 emails, same responses but 4 different's moron.
we send a registered letter

on day we receive a email to call a number to settle this, OK and we did
so again: how do you want to pay......after re explaining what happen, because they do not read the emails or letters you send, that's to much work for an "imbecile"

the person on the phone , name Sheena, OK you pay and we will credit back all fees, whoa! I was not really ready to accept that, I say no, send me a invoice minus those fees and then I return your mistake check. her response was: no, no,

I assure you if you pay I will credit back all those fees

so I did (first time in my life I agree on such deal)

guess what 3 days after I open my PayPal account and the account as a negative balance of 140.- bucks and account restricted

all those guys above are liars, lie, and lie again, so you can see that it make no sense to work with a company who order to lie to there customers
again change and cancel your PayPal account, use other much more honest because one day It will be you,

PayPal do not care about you, the customer is the bad guy even is you who pay them

signé FURAX