The most crazy and dangerous activist who want to kill America freedom
make this country an other Venezuela/Cuba/Laos/Vietnam/N.Korea
They are only 5 communist countries left on earth

why people elect and listen to such cunt and jerks and anti American imbeciles !! why they came here at the first place and for what ? to annoy the world

Cortez-une pillule occasionIQ la faucillewhat is Cortez beside being crazy ?
look the rage in those eyes

Socio-communist occasion-cortez says
the wall is a moral abomination.

I think it's like the Berlin wall
he stupid ...cunt ... nothing to do with that, but you are " an immoral person who steal, lie, hurt the people
with your dirty tongue"
waxine watsinewaters la faucille maxine waters
worth around 6-7 millions and growing

Each of us must find a way to use
our talent or our position
to discover what we can do about poverty
she say in a speech
so?? did she make a move in that direction? I don't think so !
la pilosi pilosi and comradpiloseries la faucille nancy pilosi
HO! this one and her Democratic colleagues attempted to fix the disaster they were responsible for wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on a horrible stimulus package.

She is responsible for the collapse of the financial market
The pelosi-backed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act cost more than $800 billion

pelosi’s policies offer Americans absolutely nothing they haven't already seen and rejected before:
more regulations, higher taxes, less freedom and fewer health care options.
now she ask for voting at 16

It’s time for something better OUT!!
real name calamity-varicose
no good-no goodkamala money Question about the president was posed so here the responses:
We're used to thinking of the President as a criminal—and he is. Most of us detest him
all of the toxins and poisons come from him: The Wall is his, and the Muslim ban is his, and the unjust economy is his, and racist is his. Once he’s gone, we turn back to normal (to poverty)
This is not progressive; this is draconian. In fact, it seems that sometimes, the only thing that could get her to take the sides of the accused — no matter how much the actual evidence may have pointed to their innocence — was when pressure from the public threatened to damage her reputation if she didn't.
Hoping if she can be elected for or as president, we will found some one who will do the same and treating here as criminal also, NO?
heehawwarren a socialist elizabeth warren, what a purge

we will ! we will ! we will and she ask for donations but surely do not use her 9 millions - Indian blood or not

she say:
this president may have campaigned on a promise to put “America first” but his policies have put the Trump family first and middle-class American families last.

he squaw you are wrong! wrong again
check wall street, unemployment, jobs created and he give he's salary for a few good causes (400,000.00)

not thousand of obama did that or either you! so, you know what ?? happy hours and drink a shot!
shumer mariagesschumer an other fashist
shock schumer

a Jewish family from Ukraine with communist blood in the veins
It’s the hardest job I've ever had, fighting Trump
fighting?? that schumer is dummer as... named !We don't need extra security at the border
schumer also Lies about Infanticide Ban in Remarks on Senate Floor

Instead of doing the correct thing and telling a party that just lost an election by the margin of more than the population of New York City to go pound sand, schumer is trying to meet them in the middle because he has the kind of brain disease which defined the Democratic Party the last generation, which awards more importance to some amorphous measure of “bipartisanship” than to serving liberal interests.

The idea that Americans want less immigration is a lie confined to the annals of right-wing media.
In reality, decreasing immigration is immensely unpopular compared to the beginning of the 21st century.
all al greenal green cover up all green

3 things in his head : impeachment, impeachment, impeachment
and we need to go from talking points to or At some point, we have to deal with the problem and There is a solution. Everybody knows it. And we are going to get there.
keep talking, man but maybe you could do some in your district
Impeachman Al Green and the other Members of Congress were informed that continued protesting, although peaceful and non-violent, would lead to their immediate arrest. Impeachman Al Green as well as the other Members of Congress were then arrested taken to jail, and released following the payment of a fine.

is that a great representative of our people or what??
bernie Sanders everything freefree an other fashistBernie Sanders

when I am elected president, we will have a nation in which all people have health care, whether Trump likes it or not. We are going to make public colleges and universities free. We are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of at least 15 bucks an hour.
And whether Mr.Trump (sanders an other un-polite imbecile) likes it or not, when I talk about human rights, you know what that also means? It means that our kids and grandchildren have the human right to grow up in a planet that is healthy and habitable.”
that's talking to say nothing' go to Burundi or Madagascar to sell shoe lace
with guy's like you they go backwards'
harris reid harryreid iculogy harry reid

"The candidates running need not talk about how bad President Trump is, they just need to talk about what's good for the country. free this, free that and free jobs - Everyone knows, even those people supporting knows what problems he has," reid said.
and what is yours? oh ! lining since all those years in a cloud of lies

check one big one at the end of the page
Omar Omar-c'est poutant bon2 snakes in in skirt an other fashistiIhan omar

She may also be guilty of immigration fraud, we hope, as she apparently married her own brother, who is not a US citizen, in 2009. and that like to run and requires us to do ....this and that?
But there is no investigation. Why not?
Would it be “Islamophobic” ?
she is an anti America, so what she doing here, go back to your corrupted and pirates country to restore the stability and do not tell us how we need to live

omar say: Next president should declare national emergency on climate change ‘on day 1’ ? and what ell's?

A voter say: I did vote for Rep. ilhan omar. I am sorry I did she is a racist ! There is no place for racism in our Congress.( it should not, but bring those ) I urge Rep. omar to resign.
she say: Israel has hypnotized the world, my Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doing of Israel
we're going to have you Impeached.
( a other great brain)

You're an anti-semite, trying to Destroy America by bringing terrorists to our country,
You married your own brother for citizenship,
(I think you can do that only if you are in congress)

where are we ?
palestine bad wordune palestinienne an other fashistrashida tlaib from Palestine

Hours after being sworn in last week into the House of Representatives, tlaib spoke at an event and told supporters that “we're gonna go in there and we're gonna impeach the "mother fucker" (President Trump).
and that should represent US American? that's education ! what she doing in the first place

Congress and Senate, please, please send your kid's members in a "Teaching Respect and Politeness class" or trow them out the country but we guess that you do not know what it is, to bad
such a sausage maybe she should get the big one more often and the rest of this sentence I erase because this Palestinian thing do not worth any comments

take a look at harry reid that's something!:
harry reid said democrats don't have many billionaire compared with Republicans (first who cares)
and that is in the mind of all register democrats voters since decades (who cares) -- which is far incorrect and a lie

-- A lot of campaign spending still happens without public disclosure
see the list of those activist:
Jeff Bezos only 160 Billions - Bill Gates 80 Billions - Tom Steyer 123 millions - Jon Stryker 16 Millions - Pritkzer hyatt hotel 3.2 Billions
Dayton (target) 4 Billions William Ziff 12.6 Billions - Warren Buffett 88 Billions - the sugar mountain(Zuckerberg) 61 Billions - Larry Ellison 53 Billions
Charles Koch 60 Billions - Michael Bloomberg 51 Billions - Gallo winery 10 Billions - Rockefellers 10 Billions - Charles Butt 10 Billions
and we can go for ever ... 95 % of the doctors are democrats , the Bank's , the most University's
so you see reid you are wrong and lie to the public again!!!!

also I can say that this party call him self " democrat " and choice the color " blue " and the other party "republican" with the color " red " - but it should be the opposite because democracies belong to blue and red to proletariat.
I'm sure that confuse a lot of folks and new comer who do not think that far will say "oh yes, I'm for and want democracies" and bingo one more in the communist arsenal

PS = all of this was made with caricatures and words picked in different's social media or news papers

A WORDS : To my Spanish speaking friends, don't be fooled by those democrat politicians - EVEN Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., she is calling on people to publicly harass Trump staffers and know Republican or other who disagree with our party.

Seems that the DEMOCRATS do not have a WORKING BRAIN and even all is looking great, they are not happy and try to destruct what is done by our
President D.Trump and where no obama regime could or want to do that,
the democrats will never help the American people if they tell you they will, they lie.

Because of democrats mentality, more and more America is coming a land of rapporteurs starting by teaching that at school.

To day what we see also more and more and that's a lack of education starting with that guy below they put you the finger for vulgarity.
obama finger to America and like they say in Italy " Oh bamma mia"

also something new : "We need to investigate" and then we can investigate the investigator - freedom and trust for all

those democrates are seek, mentaly seek

see more details here