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Reseting Service Lights

Most modern cars have what are commonly called Service Lights. Small lights on the instrument panel can now alert drivers when it is time for service.
Most vehicles do this through a computer calculating how many miles have accumulated since the last service.
However, some vehicles use sensors to gather this data. We have compiled a listing on the procedures to reset the reminder lights on your car, if it is equipped.
If you do not see the reset procedure for your vehicle:

Reference the owner's manual that came with your vehicle. Reset procedures are often described in depth with illustrations.

Contact a local dealership's service department.Your vehicle may have a simple process that can be described over the phone.

Many newer cars utilize onboard diagnostic computers ( ) that control the maintenance lights in the vehicle. These cars require specialized reset tools that are only available at dealerships or specialized service centers.

 WARNING:  Resetting your service lights is not a remedy for servicing your vehicle
Only perform these procedures after an oil change/vehicle service and obey your manufacturer's suggested service intervals.


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