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German style and Metric Steel Stamp Sets
Letters and numbers


2014 new prices

Metric Steel Stamps set - All dimensions from 1mm to 20mm
regular DIN dimensions

marking of material with a

STRENGHT of 600/800 N/mm2

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Metric Steel Stamps set - All dimensions
marking of material with a


STRENGHT of 1500 N/mm2

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below stamping numbers for :

Alfa Romeo <> Ferrari <> Fiat <> Porsche 356 / 912 / 911 and Mercedes classics


the special # 1


the € # 3

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the special # 4 the " € 7 or this 7 "

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the special # the special #
the star
Alfa Romeo Montreal AR-101 GTV      
Ferrari 250 275 330 308    
Fiat 500 600-Abarth 750-Abarth      
Jaguar XKE 120 140      


190sL Mercedes 300sL

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" dot " or "square "

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Porsche the 356 Star

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thePorsche " P "

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the 911 Star

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    356 kits

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